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John Hildebrand: Airbnb Ambassador

From being told he's "stupid" by his teachers in high school, conquering his mindset to overcome, and now being a voice for short-term rental hosts and operators, I had the pleasure of interviewing John Hildebrand on the podcast to uncover his story and capture his passion for the industry! Special thank you to our podcast sponsors: Jurny, Safely, and Hostfully for making this podcast so much fun! ——– Thank you for tuning into our podcast! Slick Talk is a Hospitality.FM production and you can find more of our shows at Hospitality.FM or anywhere else you listen to your podcasts! Listen to more episodes on our website and take a look at our amazing podcast and network sponsors that make this all possible! You can also listen to our Monday morning podcast, Good Morning Hospitality, where we dive into the industry as a whole in a more casual setting! If you ever want to contact us for guest suggestions or anything else related to the podcast, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch! Last but not least, we love to connect on LinkedIn! Let’s connect there so you can see the daily content we post beyond the podcast! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit read more