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Unpacking the Buzzwords: Metaverse, NFT's, Crypto & How They Apply To Travel

Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse, NFT's and DAO's... all words and things we never thought would be a reoccurring conversation in our industry and we're going to dive into them today on Good Morning Hospitality. Mentioned In This Episode: Startup of the Week: ( Whats With The Noise?!?: ( Main Topic Article: ( Any thing mentioned: Spotify Live Coming this Friday with Steve Turk ---------- (Good Morning Hospitality) is part of the (Hospitality.FM) podcast network and a Hospitality.FM production. This show is structured to cover industry news within all of travel/hospitality and is recorded live every Monday morning 7am PST/10am EST so make sure you tune in during our live show on our social medias or (YouTube) and join the conversation! Thank you to all of the (Hospitality.FM Partners) that help make this show possible and if you have any press you want covered during the show, fill out (this form!) read more